Brigadoon Equestrian Center

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Brigadoon Equestrian Center is home to National, State and Local Champions. What's more important, it offers an environment that optimizes safety for the horse, owners and riders. BEC works to enhance the health and well being of each horse to support peak performance. We pride ourselves in providing individualized feed and turn-out regimes guided by consistent, protocol driven daily operations. The Staff works to maintain a peaceful, organized barn ambiance that nurtures the enjoyment and bonding between the horse and rider.

The board package includes a full array of services including:

  • Individualized Feed Regime, including any supplements provided by owner
  • Daily stall cleaning
  • Stalls picked, hayed and watered throughout the day and evening
  • Daily night check
  • Blankets changed per weather conditions and temperate
  • Daily turnout: field and weather conditions permitting
  • Saddle pads and leg wraps washed as needed
  • Fly sheets and turnout blankets (non-insulated) washed as needed
  • Mane pulling and whisker trimmed every two months
  • Legs poultices/ sweat as needed
  • Scheduling and attendance for Vet, Blacksmith and Dentist
  • Seven day a week use of the indoor arena, two outdoor arenas and round pen

Brigadoon uses only top quality Purina grain mixes, premium alfalfa-timothy hay and pine wood bedding (pellets and shavings). Supplements, provided by the horse owner, are integrated into the daily feeding schedule by BEC facility managers. Warm bran mash is fed every Sunday and when significant temperature changes may alter your horses' water intake.

The bright and airy barn is kept immaculate with each horse's needs being constantly addressed. The full-time BEC management team oversee the daily operations of the horse facility and work in partnership with the BEC trainers to optimize each horses' turnout, feed regimes and scheduling training sessions. The BEC staff handles every aspect of equine care, from weight management to regular veterinary, dental and farrier appointments. The BEC staff maintains records on each horse or pony to assure an optimal health program.

Please stop by the BEC facilities for a tour! Meet the BEC team and see for yourself the advantages of joining the Brigadoon community!

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Brigadoon Equestrian Center
901 Cherry Lane P.O. Box 348 - Penns Park, Pa 18943
Office Phone: 215-598-8811 Barn: 215-598-9696