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Results of the July 8th Show at BEC



Rider Horse
Leadline Isabelle Schmidt Farnley Preslo
Mini Stirrup Champion - Ainsley Welykordiko
Res. Champion - Devyn Borden

Without a A Doubt
My Sweet Sadie

Lesson Mount Champion - Annilca Nelson
Res. Champion - Rebecca Booth
Short Stirrup Champion - Annie Mc Donald
Res. Champion- Fiona Van Hartlebaen
Jump To The Sky
Beginner Equitation Champion - Megan Hayes- Fischer
Res Champion - Cat Orescon
Twix Of Fate
Long Stirrup Champion - Stephanie Donohue
Res. Champion - Andrea LaBella
Poco Dinero
Twix Of Fate
Low Schooling Jumpers Champion - Cameron Logan
Res. champion - Gabby Leone
My Destiny
High Schooling Jumpers Champion - Nicole Picozzi
Res. Champion - Ashley Pocceschi
Made You Look
Great Expectations
Baby Greens Champion - Susan Davis
Res. Champion - Victoria Garefino
Dancing With Diamonds
Low Schooling Hunters Champion - Molly Hansburger
Res. Champion - Lexi Bastard
Chip Of Gold
Carolina Blue
High Schooling Hunters Champion - Kim Hughes
Res. Champion - Cori Reich
Chance Encounter
Junior Equitation Champion - Emme Lewis
Res. Champion - Nicole Picozzi
City Girl
Made You Look
Pre- Children's Hunters Champion - Noelle Kade
Res. Champion - Lily Logan
Russian News
Just The Two Of Us
Modified Hunters Junior Champion - Mary Kate Brank
Res. Champion - Cat Orescan
The Explorer
Twix Of Fate
Modified Hunter Adult Champion - Jessica Davis
Res. Champion - Linette Loeffler



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